Here are some of our most promising reviews. With such a positive overall review, how could you not buy from us?


”Even though my dumbass doesn't know much I managed to set it up with relative ease, if you are looking for a nice home page that's expandable for your server this is 100% for you. Good job FAXES, keep up the good work. For my community”


”The manual provided was easy to understand and getting the bot configured was no problem! Overall response time and quality of support was really good!”


”It's a cheap affordable bot, which can be configured custom to your needs and I couldn't have spent my money wisely on a better product! Multi-Bot is totally worth it and I hope my review has somewhat convinced you to check it out!”


”Well where do I start? First off, Faxes is a hell of a discord developer and I highly recommend his bots! His bots are not only inexpensive but very high quality.”


”Its amazing it has everything you would need. Really nice and clean config with documentation with a super simple setup”

TFX Viserion

great product great and fast checkout plenty of things the bot can do Great work @FAXES