This package is only the core FaxCAD API. This store item is aimed at people that have purchased FaxCAD Standard and wish to also get the API. The API responds in a JSON output for easy use in other languages. Also helps you create game resources to connect to your CAD. What does the API do?
Allows you to get all civilians, fetch all emergency users, get CAD BOLOs, get the CAD site settings, get a civilian's tickets along with arrests and warrants, Search for open and archived calls, Fetch civilians names and ped details along with vehicle plates and their status.


  • Get All Civilians
  • Get All Emergency Personnel
  • Get Civilian Arrests
  • Get All BOLOs
  • Get Site Settings
  • Get Civilian Tickets
  • Get All Warrants
  • Search Calls
  • Search Civilian By Name
  • Search Vehicle By Plate

FaxCAD API — $10

Required Item:

FaxCAD Standard