FaxStore v2 has just hit the store and has tons of features that you can use to enhance your consumer base. With Discord based permissions and logins you can easily out-store your competition and never have to handle user account problems. List your paid and free products with FaxStore v2 and see your site viewership evolve.

When creating FaxStore v2 I wanted a nice clean design with an easy-to-use interface for consumers. With this design I knew statistics would rise. In the month of April 2021 I has over 39,000 page visits compared to my previous 24,000. FaxStore v2 delivers an easy-to-use interface from the users page to the admin panel!

So what makes FaxStore v2 stand out? I asked in my Discord to see what users said.

  • Astra#2100 "All in site customization"
  • Hyperz#0001 "Home page customization & user accounts"
  • Salty Eclipse#5040 "Ability to gain members"
  • Mythic#6219 "Statistics & clean look"
  • JipyTheDev#7465 "user-friendly URLs, featured products, detailed products pages & ability for credits"
  • Itzaboody#7705 "😋"
  • Killingit#7081 "The design of it"
  • liza#0790 "Easy navigation, very clean and has good access to reviews"
  • M. Thomas | Elixir Networks#1629 "It's cool"

This is based on user views from users that didn't own the product at the time.


  • Enhanced website search bars and page
  • Overwhelming storefront page
  • User accounts
  • Integrated client area
  • Account banning
  • STT ban checking
  • Paypal integration
  • Discord integration
  • Discord permissions
  • Discord auto-role system
  • Unlimited listings
  • Partners page
  • Team page
  • Reviews page. Reviews can be added by users themselves
  • Ability to write reviews
  • Customizable home page
  • Featured products
  • Credits & description sections
  • Gift cards
  • Inegrated logging
  • Statistical insights
  • Editable Terms of Service (ToS) page
  • Epic gallery with navigation
  • Custom 404/403 page
  • Supermassive admin panel
  • Ability to toggle on/off nearly any page/function
  • Edit nearly all text and images on your whole site via the admin panel
  • Offer free downloads and paid content
  • Item releases
  • User auto joining your Discord
  • Emails for confirmations

See the full list of features and pages here. This list in bigger than the above.


  • Online server/machine to operate. Commonly known as a VPS or dedicated box
  • Domain name

This is a Node.Js based website and requires a server to be ran. This will not run on common 'Shared Hosting' plans.

For all other detailed requirements see the prerequisites.

FaxStore — $48


User Reviews

Product: FaxStore 5/5

“I Love The Product Faxes V2 Since Moment I Bought It, Only Bug Is The Store Creation Which Has Been Fixed Since The Update And Now Waiting For Purchasing Online Issu”RyzenMods

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Product: FaxStore 5/5

“The best website in the world and it don't even cost that much for what you get. Overall I would say this is a great site and you should get it.”DewTech

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Product: FaxStore 5/5

“Im In All The Dev Communities And Only Person Havent Become A Client Of But Faxes Until Tonite He Told Me V2 Of Faxes Store And Now Here I Am Finally FAXES Customer”RyzenMods

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Product: FaxStore 5/5

“Very good looking store, easy to setup and configure, lots of features, any bugs are very quickly fixed, the staff panel is very easy to use and pretty much lets you”Cryptonized

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