MultiBot operates on Discord.Js v11 - which is now outdated. It is not recommended to purchase this bot as it no longer is supported by FAXES or Discord.Js.

It's only recommended to get MultiBot if you're interested in the source code or for development purposes.

If you have questions reach out to FAXES

Multi-Bot is an updated version of 'All Purpose Cleaner Package' Discord.js bot with more features and updated methods! It has a config that's over 50 lines, that's a lot of configuration. With 2,500+ lines of code across 30 files, there's not much MultiBot can't do. Upon purchase, you also get source files under a license so you are able to edit the bot files.


  • Easy to toggle Features
  • auto-moderation
  • Logging
  • Easy editing
  • Member count channel
  • Join and leave messages
  • Warning and mute system
  • Mini-games
  • Ticket System
  • And more features!

MultiBot extensions (role reaction, voice chat logs, sticky messages, FiveM player count) are no longer available.

MultiBot — $1


  • Big Yoda - multiple logging related contributions

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Product: MultiBot 5/5

“I just bought this bot today and it works great.”Fumez

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