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Ticket Bot Features & Usage

Ticket Bot is a bot that is designed to be free, unlike other ticket bots. Ticket Bot allows you to create private channels with Support Team's and allows for a private conversation away from the Discord.

- creating private tickets with support teams
- !new command to make new tickets
- !help command to display bots info
- !close command to close ticket channels
- !uptime command to display how long the bot has been online
- !sr command to make a quick reply to tickets
- !rename command to rename ticket channels
- !setup enters the TicketBot setup wizard
- !add <@User> add people to a ticket
- !remove <@User> removes a person from a ticket
- ~TicketBotMasterReset~ master reset command (must have admin perms)

Step 1:

Invite Ticket Bot

Step 2:

For your team to be able to read and have ticket access you must have a server role called Support Team this role does not need any perms as they get made in the ticket.

TicketBot Logo

If server roles are set up wrong the bot will advise you when someone makes a ticket.