OverflowBot Extensions


All of OverflowBots official extensions are located here in handy packages and in single form. OverflowBot by default comes with no extensions but you're able to get any extension displayed on this page. All extensions are displayed seperately and all extensions can be bought together.

USD $15 Application System - Configure questions to be completed in a application and have it out put to a HTML file. See images below.

USD $8 Server Lock - Got spam accounts joining? Lockdown your Discord server by automatically kicking anyone that joins while it's active (toggled via command).

USD $15 Role Reactions - Role reaction allows guild owners to award roles to users when they react to a message. You can add, remove and toggle roles.

USD $10 Sticky Messages - he sticky message extensions gives server moderators the ability to have a pinned messgae at the bottom of the chat until turned off.

Customers that purchased MultiBot's extensions of the same type get a discount.


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  • @patorjk - Formatted text on bot load

  • @RamiroDesigns - For OverflowBot logo

  • @Cold - For design and other contributions

  • @Astra - Guild Information Panel Design and other contributions

  • @BigYoda - Having a mega brain and doing maths for me. In other words bit-fields

  • @Fishiah - Beta testing

  • @Alt - Beta testing

  • @Ferious - Beta testing

  • @Hamz - Beta testing

  • @Al3x - Beta testing