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Multi-Bot is an updated version of 'All Purpose Cleaner Package' Discord.js bot with more features and updated methods! It has a config that's over 50 lines, that's a lot of configuration. With 2,500+ lines of code across 30 files, there's not much MultiBot can't do. Upon purchase, you also get source files under a license so you are able to edit the bot files.

Base bot: 35
Whole Bundle: USD $69
Extensions Bundle: USD $45

USD $17 Role Reaction - This will be bind to a message ID and allow reactions for roles to toggle roles.

USD $10 Voice Chat Logs - People moving, leaving, joining, server deafening/muting, and muting/deafening can be logged into a channel.

USD $17 Sticky Messages - Sticky messages allows you to create an always-at-the-bottom message in chats.

USD $10 FiveM Player Count - This uses a channel and displays the current amount players in a FiveM or similar game server.


  • Easy to toggle Features

  • auto-moderation

  • Logging

  • Easy editing

  • Member count channel

  • Join and leave messages

  • Warning and mute system

  • Mini-games

  • Ticket System

  • And more features!




  • Big Yoda - multiple logging related contributions