FaxStore is a one-of-a-kind that features a storefront, gallery, admin page along with many other pages. With a complete admin panel disabling, enabling, and changing features and text is as easy as it gets. Easy customisation allows for a smooth experience for you and your users!


  • Home page

  • Enhanced search page

  • Amazing storefront page

  • Ability to view any product separately

  • Team page

  • Editable Terms of Service (ToS) page

  • Simple contact page

  • Epic gallery with navigation

  • Reviews page. Reviews can be added via the admin panel

  • Custom 404/403 page

  • Supermassive admin panel with the home page featuring some easy statistics along with quick actions. Each page has a settings module in the admin panel

  • Ability to toggle on/off any page

  • Edit nearly all text and images on your whole site via the admin panel

  • Offer downloads and paid content

  • Paid content redirects to a PayPal or other external link you configure.




  • Public Resources (Eg; W3Schools & PHP Docs)

  • @ajlkn - For Grammerly fix that caused issues.