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FaxStore v2 has just hit the store and has tons of features that you can use to enhance your consumer base. With Discord based permissions and logins you can easily out-store your competition and never have to handle user account problems. List your paid and **free** products with FaxStore v2 and see your site viewership evolve. When creating FaxStore v2 I wanted a nice clean design with an easy-to-use interface for consumers. With this design I knew statistics would rise. In the month of April 2021 I has over 39,000 page visits co...

User Reviews

Product: FaxStatus 3/5

“Needs a wayyyy better documentation”Hyperz

Product: FaxDesk 4/5

“Still wish it was in PHP, but otherwise solid website! Most people love it, and it is super clean!”Hyperz

Product: FaxStore 5/5

“This website is really easy to setup and gives all in site settings in site! ”Astra

Product: Overflow Bot 5/5

“This bot is perfect for everything my server needs. Could not find a better Discord Bot for my server!”Hyperz