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Keep updated and organised with FaxTrack, a full-featured and advanced bug and feedback tracking system for projects of all kinds. With plenty of customisation and a built in API for developers FaxTrack is bound to help you manage your big projects. FaxTrack supports basic logins along with Discord connected logins to make life easier for your users. --- ## Features: - Smooth dark theme - User accounts - Integrated API for automatic usage - Discord integration - Easy to use staff panel - Discord webhooks - Unlimited pro...

User Reviews

Product: FaxStatus 5/5

“Nice and cheap status page, really worth the money!”b2slappy

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Product: FaxCAD Standard 5/5

“This cad is great for what i need it for. The cad has a lot of features that i didn't even know existed. The panels is just great and i love it. Definitely recommend”Stack

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Product: FaxStatus 3/5

“Needs a wayyyy better documentation”Hyperz

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Product: OverflowBot Updates 5/5

“Epic bot, yo”AIex

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