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View and get one of our FaxStore packages that best fits your businesses needs. --- FaxStore is an extremely feature rich store template that you can use to enhance your consumer base. With Discord, GitHub, Google, and Twitter based permissions and logins you can easily out-store your competition and never have to handle user account problems. List many types of items, free, paid, subscription based, and many more. When creating FaxStore we wanted a nice clean design with an easy-to-use interface for consumers. With this desi...

User Reviews

Product: FaxStore (Deluxe Edition) 5/5

“Honestly one of the best store systems ive ever used it has all the features i need and it is one of the simpilest setups ever; the config is infinetly customisablea”Hyperscale

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Product: FaxCAD Elite 4/5

“Overall the CAD is amazing and simple. It is easy to setup, user, and customize. The few things I see wrong with it are how LEO / FR status don't update dynamically ”Agent BUB

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Product: FaxStore (Deluxe Edition) 5/5

“Can I just say how amazing this is? No, it is just that good! Honestly, it is hard to find the right words to describe how good this store system is. The extreme fle”Agent BUB

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Product: FaxStore 5/5


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