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This is a list of Discord Servers that are not supported by the FAXES Gaming Community. These are the publicly listed servers for rule 19. Being within these Discords and the 'FAXES Gaming' Discord may result with a kick or ban from the Discord. It's your own risk if you're within these Discords!

Name ID Owner Date Added
Redst0nia DecryptServer! 472162822491734026 DJSNAKE2#7983 08/08/2019
Ham Mafia Co. LLC. LTD. Inc. 554151989517221890 JonBird#1292 08/08/2019
GTA Dev Hub 564806165805137925 Captain Waterloo#3636 08/08/2019
Kangaroo Kreations 595796740263772162 Dunning#4321 08/08/2019
Trooper Ghost Modifications 565378810338344962 Trooper Ghost#1840 08/08/2019
God's Work 511786918061801472 WestsideModz 08/08/2019
HighRez Designs 510426981368856586 HighRez#5279 08/08/2019
Resistance Mods 603264657209163796 Firerescuehg#9714 08/08/2019
EastBound Modding 608709452320866344 BCSOFilmsHD#0420 08/08/2019
Mission Re-Sell 562052040105263104 Mission Support#3923 08/08/2019
UGM 560248661712306176 bxbugs321 #9490 (Not Real bxbugs) 08/08/2019
Old Kangaroo Kreations 568626759293992990 Dunning#4321 08/08/2019
highspeed-designs.com 593399644151873547 guccifrog#2150 08/08/2019
Ty's Hangout 589024243086262272 tylerrhodgess#2089 08/08/2019
Under Cover Leaks Network 591473644283363348 Nathan B.#3978 08/08/2019
TDS Custom Files 555611036858843158 Chance D#6969 08/08/2019
Ghostly Gaming 557262327045423105 Ghostly#2996 08/08/2019
Meteor Leaks 596522860965789707 BachGaming#5750 08/08/2019
UnderGroundFiles 585604312038899752 Nathan B.#3978 08/08/2019
Undercover Leaking 593049847053942797 Gunny Hartman#0001 08/08/2019
J4mes2020 Modifications 524725582920024065 J4mes2020 | OdionWolf #9999 08/08/2019
Chaos Designs 547198073684623391 Chaos#4898 08/08/2019
Undercover Gaming FiveM 568178862240825346 Gunny Hartman#0001 08/08/2019
Underground Leaking 603237878973071370 Devin101#0001 08/08/2019
Underground Leaking Back up 604824227022897174 Devin101#0001 08/08/2019
EastBound Modding 608709452320866344 Ceon#7673 08/08/2019
Digital Havoc Modifications 470275660305268746 Justin H. #5379 08/08/2019
Lion Leaking Modifications 608580064216481793 ! Hampus#1777 08/08/2019
Underground Modifications | Official Server (UGM 3.0) 598399070515494936 Chet#8850 09/08/2019
RazerKidYT's Official Server 395857580049694723 RazerKidYT 27/08/2019
Infinity Productions Network 613887290951073792 TemperJR#4572 30/08/2019
Henmeisters Gaming 425224785522458625 Henmeister 17/10/2019

Being a partner with the FAXES Gaming community is something you may not be used to the concept of, but there are many reasons why you could become one! However, to become a partner you have to meet the below requirements:

  • Not have a bad name/reputation

  • Be a good community/business

  • Not produce/provide any harmful content

  • Be willing to write a good description of a partnership deal

Partnership Deals:

Discord Partner:

This partnership is applied for and receives a two-way partnership, where the user would promo the FAXES Gaming Discord and FAXES would add you into the #official-partner channel. This partnership can be revoked at any stage for reasons that will be listed. This is an on-going partnership till settled.

Product/Business Sponsorship:

This partner/sponsorship is a paid sponsorship where you, your product/service/business can be advertised in FAXES YouTube videos for a fixed price within $10-$40(USD), depending on demand. This has been requested and the sponsorship will be advertised in a creative way if the user has no specifics on the deal. This sponsorship video will remain in the YouTube video until the video is removed, which is unlikely.

To apply for a partnership/sponsorship please complete the following template in an email to f@faxes.zone.

Discord Hash (Eg: FAXES#8655):
Partnership Type:
Why Should We Partner? Who Are You? Introduce yourself

The above template itself does not need to be in the email, all those fields must be outlined though.

Coming Soon! Check Back!

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