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FaxUp - the new, modern, and featureful automated status page. Tired of not knowing if one of your services is offline without manually checking yourself? Look no further, with FaxUp you'll be able to get instant updates on your services uptime via text, email or Discord webhook. Along with this rich featured alert system, there is many statistics and features FaxUp offers you and any site visitors. --- ## Feaures - Easy configuration - Unlimited services/incidents/categories can be created - Automatic pinging of service...

User Reviews

Product: FaxDocs 5/5

“fucking godly”Hyperz

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Product: FaxStore 5/5

“Absolutely amazing! Only the cutie (FAXES) can make such of a website like this.”Synapse

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Product: FaxStore (Deluxe Edition) 5/5

“The website looks super nice, it's clean and easy to use, definetely recommend!”Rainway

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Product: FaxUP 5/5

“Found a few bugs, and FAXES was very quick to fix them, almost immediately while I took a shower and used my new Dr. Squatch soap, it was the Fresh Falls flavor and ”Hyperz

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