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Being a partner with the FAXES Gaming community is something you may not be used to the concept of, but there are many reasons why you could become one! However, to become a partner you have to meet the below requirements:

Discord Partner:

This partnership is applied for and receives a two-way partnership, where the user would promo the FAXES Gaming Discord and FAXES would add you into the #official-partner channel. This partnership can be revoked at any stage for reasons that will be listed.

This is an on-going partnership till settled.

Product/Business Sponsorship:

This partner/sponsorship is a paid sponsorship where you, your product/service/business can be advertised in FAXES YouTube videos for a fixed price within $10-$40(USD), depending on demand. This has been requested and the sponsorship will be advertised in a creative way if the user has no specifics on the deal. This sponsorship video will remain in the YouTube video until the video is removed, which is unlikely.

To apply for a partnership/sponsorship please complete the following template in an email to f@faxes.zone.

Discord Hash (Eg: FAXES#8655):
Partnership Type:
Why Should We Partner? Who Are You? Introduce yourself

The above template itself does not need to be in the email, all those fields must be outlined though.